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Press Reviews


"Before using this chair I was content to use whatever was closest to my desk at the time, but after experiencing proper support and class leading design I will never be going back to any old chair. All in all an amazing chair and I would highly recommend picking one up."

- Nova 96.9, 9/10

"The Omega Stealth is incredibly comfortable....particularly when the lumbar velour pillow was wedged into the point where the seat meets the back support. Overall, I’m more satisfied with the Omega Stealth than I expected. Even the armrests, which have a cheap appearance in contrast with the rest of the chair, are surprisingly comfortable."

- Kotaku Australia

"To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be as impressed by the Omega Stealth as I was, knowing I’d be comparing it to my go-to Aeron chair (which was more than double the price of the Omega Stealth). As someone who’s become accustomed to softer chairs, the firmer support of the Omega Stealth took a few minutes to get used to, but I appreciated the improvements to my posture and the comfort after extended use."


"You can get all the features of a more expensive chair without having to break the piggy bank, and it also somewhat matches the price of the cheapest DX Racer chair here (S$469) in Singapore. If you're thinking of a new seat for long sessions of gaming, look no further."


"This is literally the most comfortable chair we've ever used... as far as local pricing goes, Secretlab has always successfully undercut its rivals. But what’s changed this time around is that the Omega is both cheaper and better. Yes, you heard that right."

- HardwareZone, 9/10

" Sitting in the Omega Stealth has done wonders for my back and makes it easier to sit in front of a computer all day. It provides excellent lower back support which is great in preventing me from hunching over a keyboard. The only problem is fighting off sleep in the office while comfortably encased in the Omega."


"While the the Omega isn’t going to up your game directly, it is an ideal investment in comfort for those who spend long hours sitting in front of a computer screen...the Omega puts other gaming chairs on the market to shame with it’s competitive price point and feature set. If you’re in the market for a chair right now, gaming or not, the Secretlab Omega should definitely be at the top of your list."

- Geek Culture, 9/10

"...if 70% of your life is spent at a computer, like most gamers, then the Omega is a really good investment to have your butt docked in comfortably."



"Secretlab has built one of the most comfortable gaming chairs I've ever had the pleasure of sitting on. TITAN is now my go-to gaming chair and will be throughout the holidays...The adjustable lumbar support is a big win for TITAN, but the overall quality and workmanship that Secretlab has put into the chair has blown me away."

- Tweaktown, 97/100 (EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD)

"I thought it couldn’t get any better than my fabric chair. I had it in my mind that the high claims about gaming or expensive office chairs were exaggerated, despite how frequently said chairs appear in the videos of streamers. I’m happy to have been mistaken. The Secretlab TITAN is the best I’ve sat in. Soft, resilient, customizable, and absolutely wonderful for my back, it’s easily replacing what came before it."

- Gameranx, 5/5 (EDITOR'S CHOICE)

"The Titan showed me the way, and it did so with a lovely blend of solidity and style. Now that my eyes have been opened to the sitting joy of larger-sized gaming chairs I’ve got my eye out for similar products, but I’ll always remember my first. The SecretLab Titan is fine place to spend hours on your copious end."

- Kotaku

"The rear support is also physically larger, and also stiffer to the touch. While this might mean less comfort, the backrest, when fully reclined, provides a greater mould of the body, similar to that wrap around feeling you get when resting your head on memory foam. There is an almost full recline to this chair, and the broader support for your body makes this a more comfortable chair to take a snooze in."

- Geek Culture, 9.1/10

"Overall I am extremely satisfied with the TITAN...The chair is extremely comfortable during and after long hours of use. If you’re used to plush chairs you may have reservations when first sitting on this, as I could only describe it as quite a firm chair. But once you’ve taken the time to sit in it for a short period you realise that firm isn’t the best definition, but comfort through support is what you’re feeling."

- Hextech Mods / The Modders Collective

"Secretlab has done a wonderful job in creating one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in the market. It’s guaranteed that the Titan will end up being anyone’s go-to gaming chair especially when it involves long hours of gaming."

- The Streaming Blog, 4.4/5

"Those with a smaller frame like me will still find the Titan relatively comfortable. It felt as though I was sinking into the comforting depths of a giant hand, but perhaps too comfortable to be conducive for doing work in the office. Those taller and bulkier than I am will find the chair generous and accommodating to their frame, compared with squeezing into standard office chairs."

- The Straits Times, 4/5

Throne V2

"Before testing out the chairs, I, like many office workers, did not give much consideration to what I was sitting on. I was using a regular wheeled chair that I packed with various cushions to brace myself against, and I would often find myself hunched over because of the lack of support. But after trying out the Secretlab chairs, I began to understand what a big difference a proper sitting posture makes. I found myself feeling less physical tension at work, and I also stopped fidgeting as much."

- The Straits Times, 5/5

User Reviews

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The main issue I always had with my old seat was it's height. Due to my height and the 10+ hours I spend at my work/battlestation each day, I was getting a very sore back from the lack of support. Enter the Secretlab Titan, the tallest and best designed chair I was able to find. Finally a chair that doesn't feel like it belongs in a classroom (tall people will know this feeling).

Firstly I'd like to commend Secretlab and the Australian post for the chair arriving only 2 days after I ordered it, which is astounding given that I live in Australia and was therefore expecting it to take up to 4 weeks. With 8 ways to adjust this chair, 4 of these being the armrests, it is essentially able to be customised to perfectly suit your proportions. This chair is marketed at the big and the tall and since I am tall but not big, the padding feels very stiff to me. I expect that this stiff padding and also the rather hefty weight of the chair are concessions that had to be made to ensure the chair's extremely durable feel. As a 6'4" person, this chair seems to be the perfect height for me and despite the rather high price, I am super happy with my purchase after the 2 or so weeks I've been using it.

Ordered the Omega with the Halloween coupon.
I had originally asked for the chair to arrive on the 21st, but due to changes in my schedule, I sent an email to move the date forward late at night. To my surprise, I got an email within 10 mins, so kudos for customer service!
The delivery came very promptly as well, and it was nice to see a delivery abang with a big smile on the face with the gigantic box for the chair!
Build wise, the video on youtube was very well put together, and putting the cahir together was a fairly straight forward affair.
The chair was certainly heads and shoulders above anything I have sat on, and its certainly a very good value for money for a half a grand product.

Bought the Throne V2 about 3 months ago. In summary, the chair is great and you should get one too. Depending on your body proportions, the V2 might suit you better than the Omega, though both chairs are comfortable when I tested them out at their showroom.

The cushioning is firm but comfortable, and I don't have lower back pains sitting in this chair for hours on end. I've also taken multiple naps in the chair on full recline. You get significant value for money, IMO the V2 is priced reasonably for the quality of the chair. Great customer service, which really differentiates them from other furniture/chair retailers.

I was initially considering the HM Aeron, but don't regret one bit getting the V2. As for the point that some reviewers have brought up regarding sweat + tropical climate, I personally find the PU leather to be fine with a fan on. Its definitely better than the significant share of work chairs are cloth/fabric. Of course, if mesh is your defining criteria, then another chair would suit you better. But if not, check out the V2 or the Omega.

Amazing chair! apart from the exceptional build quality and materials, what impressed me most was their customer service. When i was unsure about something I would facebook message them and they would always get back to me, helping to make exceptions for me and I've had an overall excellent customer experience!:)Amazing chair! apart from the exceptional build quality and materials, what impressed me most was their customer service. When i was unsure about something I would facebook message them and they would always get back to me, helping to make exceptions for me and I've had an overall excellent customer experience!:)

The chair feels amazing. The replies from your CSR are extremely quick and professional. For future orders maybe labelling each of the parts for the chair for easier labelling. And for pre-orders a weekly update would be awesome too. But keep up the good work secretlab!

Being considering getting one for so long. And after reviews from friends, I finally decided to settle on the Omega Series and it really was the best decision made. I placed a pre-order from it during COMEX 2016 for the delivery once it was in stock on the 5th of Oct. However, there was a slight delay in the shipment. They called me to inform of the delay and even threw in a free pillow. Now that's great customer service.
My initial appointment was on the 5th, but I changed it to the 24th just in case there may be a further delay. I called them on the 11th to check if the stock was in and again decided to change the appointment to the 15th. Now, some companies don't like too many changes in delivery dates but SecretLab is exceptional. They were more than glad to change the delivery date.
So far, I am more than satisfied with the chair. It really is as comfortable as advertised. Worth the price and definitely the best chair around..

I have been hearing so much about Secretlab but never had the chance to try until the recent COMEX 2016. Once I sat down on-site, the feeling was so different and so good that I knew this would be a good investment for my long-duration computer use.

Ordered & currently waiting for the out-of-stock Omega Amber! Love the new colour theme!

Came across secret lab when I was looking up for more comfortable gaming chair than the one i had.

I have to say I was tempted to get DXRacer since its from overseas and a lot of the big youtube gamers/commentators were making a big hooha about it. Until I came across Secret Lab's own creation of the ultimate gaming chair.

I went down to COMEX to have a feel of the chair and I didn't regret purchasing the Omega. The build of the chair is sturdy and durable, it's comfortable for long hours of gaming (tried and tested) and the design of the chair has a certain sophiscated feel to it. Support local if you can, these guys aren't messing about!

The entire customer experience at Secret Lab has been nothing short of exquisite. From the friendly and knowledgeable service at their HQ to the even friendlier and more knowledgeable delivery man, I realized how important buying a chair can make a man feel. Oh, nearly forgot about the end product (pfff, I wouldn't have mind paying $599 just for their service, especially in Singapore. But no, they had to throw in a plush, comfortable Seat of Leaders, Kings, and Other Hyperbole-Prone Dudes that's incidentally build like a tank. A rock. A TITAN. First time I rested my a$$ on that thick piece of Cloud 9, all I wanted to do was hug it and rest my face on its soft embracing piece of cold-cut foam.

Setting up was easy as long as you're Hercules, Hulk or Triple H or some other strong H-word person. But seriously do mind your back especially with the TITAN, but piecing everything together was straightforward enough.

Good jobs guys, and please don't lose your way like so many Singaporean companies that started off great but fell off a cliff along the well. Direction, rather than destination, people.

My SecretLab chair has been by far the best thing I have ever purchased for my setup. I have a bad back and my old $100 chair made me feel like I'd been in a fight with Mike Tyson after an hour of sitting. My Omega lets me sit for long sessions without fatigue and I've noticed my back and my posture are better now even when I'm not in the chair.

Fit, finish and materials are all top notch and well worth the price tag.

My only complaint is that I bought mine like 2 days before a $50 off special started.

I got the Omega Stealth after 3 months of deciding between Secretlabs and DxRacer. I chose Secretlabs over the DxRacer line simply because of the warranty (2 years) and that it's a local brand and i wanted to atleast support the local market as much as possible. The cushion and seat size are just right even for my small 50KG frame. And the leather? of course you need to atleast have a cool room for it not to be uncomfortable.

I opted for self-assembly and i must say, it was easy even though i had to do it myself.

The chair itself is sturdy and is impressive to the eyes.

Very happy with my purchase and looking forward to what Secretlabs have in the future.