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Throne V2


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Building on the success of the Throne’s design, the Throne V2 has undergone a facelift to look even more refined.

The aesthetics improvement, however, is only a small portion of the incredible advancements we have made to the chair.

The Throne V2 brings ergonomic support to gamers, designed to keep you comfortable and free from back strains even after long gaming sessions.

Choose from five vivid colours to match your gaming setup.

Comes with FREE velour head and back pillows.

  • FeaturesOpen or Close
    • Thick steel tubular frame with elastic strap supports
    • PRIME PU leather upholstery and precisely cut cold-cure foam
    • 4D soft PU coated armrests
    • Adjustable full-length backrest recline
    • Full tilt mechanism
    • Class 4 hydraulics
    • Sturdy 70cm diameter aluminium base with 6CM PU casters
    • FREE velour head and back pillows

  • DeliveryOpen or Close
    • [GSS] FREE flatpack delivery islandwide, with your choice of date and time slot!
    • Delivery + Assembly by technician (optional): $30

  • WarrantyOpen or Close
    • 2 years warranty on all functionality portions of the chair. Aesthetics defects & misuse of the chair are not covered. Refunds or returns are not accepted.
    • Full warranty statement here.

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Top Build Quality & Ergonomic Design

Our chairs are inspired by car racing seats — seats designed to conform to the human body shape in order to provide advanced lateral support and weight distribution. We apply that same concept to accommodate long hours of usage in front of the computer.

Each chair spawns from quality core materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and state of the art manufacturing processes.

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High Quality Core Materials

PU leather is the most sensible upholstery to be used today, and we at Secretlab have handpicked the best variation of it. Our signature PRIME PU leather is very durable, soft, flexible, and waterproof.

We combine that with precisely cut cold-cure foam that provides immaculate cushioning & support to deliver a heavenly sitting experience.

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Full Tilt Mechanism

The full-tilt mechanism goes one step further than your regular height adjustment on chairs, and allows control over the tension of the tilt-mechanism, giving you control over the suspension of the chair when reclining backwards.

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Full-length Backrest Recline

Ergonomic support is not the only function of the full-length backrest. Should you feel tired at the desk, the backrest can be reclined backwards all the way. Perfect for taking a nap or watching your favorite videos in a comfortable position.

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4D Adjustable Armrests

When it comes to ergonomics, we don’t stop at the outline of the chair. Our armrests are designed to be extremely comfortable and adjustable.

Left, right, angled left, angled right, front, backwards, up, down – there will be a configuration that suits your preference.

We have also coated the armrest with PU that is soft to touch yet retains the finishing properties required for a good grip.

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Velour Pillows

The Throne V2 comes packaged with these extremely comfortable head & lumbar pillows.

The head pillow is made of soft stretch cotton, while the lumbar pillow is made of precisely cut foam.

Both pillows are covered with a luxurious velvet velour.

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6CM P.U. Casters

Our chairs are equipped with durable PU rubber wheels that enable smooth movement in all directions and are friendly towards most kinds of surfaces.

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Aluminium Base

Constructed to be perfectly balanced, our aluminium wheel bases are provide both impeccable stability and strength. We utilize a special aluminium mix, making it very strong and immune to corrosion and rust. It is reinforced with ribs and gussets to amplify strength while reducing weight.

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Class 4 hydraulic pistons

Class 4 hydraulic pistons are the best in its class in terms of consistency (99.9%), stability, and safety.