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Secretlab was started to provide every computer user with a high-quality, yet affordable chair. Meticulously designed and constructed from only materials of the highest grade, Secretlab chairs are engineered to keep you comfortable and healthy even when you're seated for long hours.

We began in 2014 after our founders, Ian and Alaric, two competitive StarCraft II gamers, experienced first-hand the rigour and strain on their backs and wrists from spending long periods in front of their computers.

Dissatisfied with the available options, they embarked on a quest to develop THE ultimate chair that could provide maximum comfort at a reasonable cost, and assembled a team experienced in many areas, such as craftsmanship, industrial design, and customer service.

In May 2015, the first Secretlab chair was launched, to great acclaim. Since then, to accomodate a greater variety of needs and preferences, more lines have been developed. From the essential Secretlab THRONE, to the best-selling Secretlab OMEGA, and the highly-popular Secretlab TITAN, each Secretlab chair has a unique fanbase that includes professionals, gamers, production studios, businesses, and enthusiasts.

As peoples' needs evolve, so do Secretlab chairs—with each iteration featuring improvements and updates that redefine industry standards.

The best experience goes beyond just the product, which is why each Secretlab user has access to the best customer and aftercare services, in addition to having their Secretlab chair sold direct to them, eliminating mark-ups from retailers or distributors.

In just two years, Secretlab has become the top choice for users in over 40 countries worldwide—the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and regions such as Europe and South-east Asia. And this is only the beginning.

The Secretlab mission? A Secretlab chair for every user in the world, because you deserve the ultimate sitting experience that can only be delivered by the gold standard of gaming seats.

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