Certified and
Guaranteed Durability

Secretlab chairs are designed and certified for safety and durability. From the hydraulics to the upholstery, each part and product has undergone tests according to established industry standards as well as customized tests that go above and beyond the status quo, so that you can truly sit with absolute peace of mind.

Secretlab Chairs (2020)
Immerse yourself in whatever you’re doing with the highest standards of comfort, safety, and durability, all of which have been certified by BIFMA, the world’s leading authority on the safety and performance of furniture products.
Sit comfortably as all Secretlab upholstery have undergone the most rigorous industry tests by TÜV and Intertek for durability. For extreme stress testing, they have also been subjected to customized above-and-beyond tests developed specially by scientists at A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research).
PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather - A*Star Report
PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather - TUV Test Report
SoftWeave™ Fabric - Intertek Test Report
NAPA Leather - Intertek Test Report
Velour - Intertek Test Report
Suede - Intertek Test Report
BS5852 Cert (for UK)
Experience world-class assurance as the class 4 hydraulics featured in each Secretlab chair has received certifications from multiple internationally-renowned authorities. From the industry’s most stringent processes, to the most rigorous tests, this crucial component has been approved by ISO9001, TÜV, and SGS.
ISO 9001
SGS Cert
TUV Cert
Tilt Mechanism
Relax completely with the tilt mechanism of each Secretlab chair. Just like the class 4 hydraulics, this important component has received international certifications for both its manufacturing process and overall performance by globally-recognized organizations, ISO9001 and SGS.
Full Tilt Mechanism - SGS Cert
Multi Tilt Mechanism - SGS Cert
Multi Tilt Mechanism - ISO 9001
Secretlab Chairs (2018)
Manufactured and tested according to the strict standards of world-leading authorities, BIFMA and Intertek, the high quality of the Secretlab 2018 has won award awards and fans from all over.
PRIME™ PU Leather - Technical Test Report
PRIME™ PU leather - Intertek Test Report
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