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This model is seeing massive demand. We're trying our best to restock units as fast as we can. Orders will be shipped in waves according to a first-come, first-served basis.

Pre-order wave 1 - Estimated Shipping Date 15th March or earlier


Pre-order wave 2 - Estimated Shipping Date 20th April or earlier

58% filled

Pre-order wave 3 - Estimated Shipping Date Mid June

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Pre-order wave 1 - Estimated Shipping Date 8th March or earlier


Pre-order wave 2 - Estimated Shipping Date 27th April or earlier

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Pre-order wave - Estimated Shipping Date End June

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Pre-order wave 1 - Estimated Shipping Date 9th February or earlier


Pre-order wave 1 - Estimated Shipping Date 8th March or earlier


Pre-order wave 2 - Estimated Shipping Date 4th May or earlier

38% filled

Same construction as our 2018 models

The Secretlab TITAN, as its namesake symbolizes, is our largest chair designed yet. Featuring a taller backrest and wider seatbase, this is a chair that the bigger-than-average person won't have to squeeze into.

We’ve stepped up the cushioning as well, with an even thicker and firmer core of cold-cure foam to provide comfortable support for heavier loads. Our new XL PU casters complete the package with even smoother gliding and increased sturdiness and durability.

The TITAN also utilizes our all-new integrated adjustable lumbar support, a feature typically only found on high-end car seats. Adjusting the lumbar support to suit your own preference is as easy as turning the knob on the side of the backrest. You get all the support for your back, without the need for a separate cushion.

Complete with Copper logo embroidery, the TITAN stands out and above all competition. If you're looking for a chair that will support your frame, the TITAN has your back.

Comes with a FREE velour head pillow.

*Price excludes sales tax for TN customers only.

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Secretlab TITAN

Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support

The TITAN features our integrated adjustable lumbar support, built into the backrest of the chair itself. Adjusting the lumbar support to suit your own preference is as easy as turning the knob on the side of the backrest, giving you all the support for your back, without the need for a separate cushion.

Secretlab TITAN

XL P.U. Casters

Our XL casters are larger than our standard casters, enabling even smoother gliding, increased sturdiness and durability. The PU rubber coating is friendly towards most kinds of surfaces.

Secretlab TITAN

Top Build Quality & Ergonomic Design

Our chairs are inspired by car racing seats — seats designed to conform to the human body shape in order to provide advanced lateral support and weight distribution. We apply the same concept to accommodate long hours of usage in front of the computer.

Each chair spawns from quality core materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and state of the art manufacturing processes.

Secretlab TITAN

High Quality Core Materials

PU leather is the most sensible upholstery to be used today, and we at Secretlab have handpicked the best variation of it. Our signature PRIME PU leather is very durable, soft, flexible, and water-resistant.

We combine that with precisely cut cold-cure foam that provides immaculate cushioning & support to deliver a heavenly sitting experience.

Secretlab TITAN

Maxed-Out Ergonomics

The TITAN contains an even thicker layer of cold-cure foam to provide extreme cushioning & support, handling loads of up to 130kg with ease.

The overall shape of the chair wraps more fittingly for most people, providing better ergonomic support.

Secretlab TITAN

Full-length Backrest Recline

Ergonomic support is not the only function of the full-length backrest. Should you feel tired at the desk, the backrest can be reclined backwards all the way. Perfect for taking a nap or watching your favorite videos in a comfortable position.

The TITAN's backrest is even taller and wider, so even those who are up to 195cm in height can rest comfortably.

Secretlab TITAN

4D Adjustable Armrests

When it comes to ergonomics, we don't stop at the outline of the chair. Our armrests are designed to be extremely comfortable and adjustable.

Left, right, angled left, angled right, front, backwards, up, down — there will be a configuration that suits your preference.

We have also coated the armrest with PU that is soft to touch yet retains the finishing properties required for a good grip.

Secretlab TITAN

Velour Head Pillow

The TITAN comes packaged with an extremely comfortable head pillow.

The head pillow is made of soft stretch cotton, and covered with a luxurious velvet velour.

Secretlab TITAN

Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism

The multi-functional tilt mechanism gives you full control over the suspension of the chair. The TITAN can be locked while in a tilt position, or even be tilted backwards in an upright position.

Secretlab TITAN

Aluminium Base

Constructed to be perfectly balanced, our aluminium wheel bases provide both impeccable stability and strength. We utilize a special aluminium mix, making it very strong and immune to corrosion and rust. It is reinforced with ribs and gussets to amplify strength while reducing weight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 188 reviews
SecretLab Titan - Stealth

Would highly recommend the Titan Gaming chair. Superior built quality and really comfortable. Comes with an all black (Omega) finish.

Totally worth the $$$.

Titan Ash

I search the Best chair for 1 years, and finally I found it :)
I really want a titan chair because the size is perfect for me, and can adjust lumbar. My wish want real when I can buy in Europe.

This chair is comfortable and the new colour is cool. The most things you can adjust in chair.

Pozitives: everything
Negativites: nothing
I am really prejudicial.

Loving my Titan

As an IT consultant I'm sitting in my chair for 8 hours plus most days. After getting backaches from my old chair, I looked at a variety of brands to improve my situation. Eventually I decided that the Titan was probably going to do the job, and wow 3 weeks in, I'm wishing I had bought it sooner. Very supportive & very comfortable for long periods. (Note that the PU Leather smell takes a week or so do dissipate, and the seat cushioning is very firm to start with - and will take a while to "soften" ) Others who have sat in the chair love it as well. PS Mine came with the head pillow

Hi Philip, thank you for the kind review. We're very humbled to hear that you are enjoying your chair and we wish you many, many comfortable hours in your new Secretlab chair!
Secretlab TITAN chair review

Overall looks gorgeous, comfy as expected for a big size guy like me. Just wondering, on the website it is stated that the head pillow was included but is no where to find it inside when it was shipped.. Am I supposed to purchase the pillow separately?

Thank you Si Zhao Tang for your support and for your kind words. Regarding your pillow, could you drop us a quick email at [email protected] so that our support team will be able to advise you.
Good chair but needs improvements.

The chair is pretty good except the levers under the seat. They are poorly made. I only managed to get one to go on. The other one will not fit at all (it's for adjusting the height of the chair) the one I did get one seems to no longer work. I would suggest for future designs, the two levers should be built on to avoid parts not being cut right or failure from the plastic lever part.

Hi Matthew, we're sorry to hear about your experience! Kindly drop us an email at [email protected] and our support team will be able to have another lever sent to you.