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Same construction as our 2018 models
Napa leather is a natural material and may contain slight imperfections on its surface. Animal skins naturally contains imperfections which makes each product unique to itself and does not compromise the quality of it in any way.
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    12-year Limited Warranty

    Item Period
    Skeletal Frame of chair:
    Aluminium frame
    12 years
    PA Frame
    Lumbar support
    Central Mechanism Hub
    5 years
    Armrest mechanism
    Casters mechanism
    Gas Lift
    3 years
    Wear & Tear, including but not limited to: degradation of mesh, top portion of armrests, lumbar pillow, casters exterior, ControlShift™ paddles, variance of tightness of mechanisms. Not covered

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    Ryan H.
    United States

    A little expensive, but so worth it.

    I was hesitant to get the Neue chair at first, but I read good things about it, and I figured the higher price tag might be worth it. I was right. This chair was so easy to assemble, and after about a week or so of sitting in it and adjusting it ever so slightly to my liking, this has quickly become my favorite seat in the house. I use it for work/gaming and am sitting in it for 3+ hours at a time without getting up. No sore bottom, no aching/tired back muscles, and to top it off it stays nice and cool the entire time. If you have the money and are in the market for a seriously great office/desk chair, pull the trigger and get the Neue chair.

    Jonathan L.
    United States

    Glad I bought it!

    I was originally a little apprehensive about this chair since I bought it early without seeing a ton of reviews or customer feedback, but the relatively low price and reputation of secretlabs pushed me to go for it and I don't regret my purchase at all! The chair feels incredibly solid, all the adjustment mechanisms are working great, and most importantly, it's comfortable, even for long sessions!

    Jonathan L. verified customer review of NeueChair™
    Kenny H.
    United States

    Good, but has some Opportunities

    The chair successfully achieves what it set out for, but has a couple problem areas for me. Pros: 1) Assembly - This came in a total of 3 pieces, not counting the casters. I found it amusing that SecretLab would send me a video showing me how to put it together with a strong recommendation to watch it before receiving the chair. The video took 30 seconds to watch and actual assembly took maybe 3 minutes, most of the time was spent on the casters. 2) Adjustments - Pretty easy to customize. The levers on the arms are unique and feel natural. I like the design. The crank on the bottom is a bit strange and I can't tell if turning it is actually doing anything, but everything else adjusts pretty well. The armrests are also pretty adjustable, though it wouldn't hurt to have a means of locking the arms in fixed positions as they do rotate if I casually bump into them. 3) Mesh - I love the mesh. The seat is super comfortable. It's difficult to find any faults with the comfort of the seat itself. It's well supported and easily adjustable. 4) Appearance - I really like the look of this chair. The chrome/silver really pops. 5) Breathable - I live in Arizona and although it's winter time, I can tell you that mesh is about as breathable as it gets. I can sit for long periods of time and never get hot. This was the primary selling point for me. 6) The Box - It's huge! My kids turned it into a trading post and played with it for a couple weeks before they got bored of it. Best Christmas present ever! Cons: 1) Lumbar - While I'm sure most people would really enjoy the lumbar support with this chair, it's a bit too pronounced and too firm for me. It adjusts up and down, and sort of in and out, but the lumbar and mesh are always the same distance apart, so it's never going to be more or less pronounced. If I feel the lumbar with my hands, it feels like it should be soft enough, with about a half inch of soft padding, but sitting in it isn't nearly as comfortable as I hoped it would be. If I'm putting my full weight against the back of the chair, it feels as if I'm leaning against an arm rail. I'm sure this is compounded by my improper posture, so take this with a grain of salt. I'm sure someone who sits properly will find this more comfortable and the lumbar will be completely comfortable. 2) Headrest - Others might complain because there's no headrest, but the lack of a headrest was one of the things that drew me to the chair. Due to past bad experiences with chairs, I wanted a chair without a headrest so I could stretch my arms in the air and lean my head back. However, if I try to do this, I sometimes **** the back of my head on a hard piece of plastic. A slight amount of padding here would solve this problem. I ended up taking all the padding off of my old chair and slipping it over the NeueChair to solve both the lumbar and headrest issues. 3) Armrests - The armrests are a bit firmer than I'm used to. I had to layer the armrest with socks to prevent pain in my elbows. 4) Frame - The chair looks really nice with the silver popping out at the right places, but there's an awful lot of hard plastic areas. Aside from near the head/neck area, the right and left edges of the seat have hard plastic supporting them. This means that your feet may need to remain on the floor. Crossing one or both legs, or folding your legs up under you aren't going to be comfortable. Overall: A part of me wishes I had purchased the Omega with Charcoal Softweave Fabric rather than the NeueChair. I think the NeueChair is a success as an ergonomic chair for those who already have fairly good posture. If you are one of these people, I think you'll find this chair more than adequate and very comfortable. If you are used to slouching, or like to cross your legs, this may not be the chair for you. As a side note, I've been told that ergo chairs do encourage you to sit ergonomically, so it's possible that my bad posture will be corrected through prolonged use of the NeueChair. I anxiously await that day and hope for better comfort.


    Hi Kenny, thank you for the detailed review and we really appreciate the thought and time taken to write this. You've got it spot on that the NeueChair is ergonomically designed to help you maintain a healthy and proper sitting posture that will keep you comfortable and focused. That said, you may find yourself unaccustomed to sitting in a proper posture at first as your body will take time to get used to it, including having your lower back kept supported (and hence preventing you from slouching). With regard to the headrest, it's something we will take into serious consideration. We're also grateful for your other points of feedback as we strive to continually improve our products. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at should you have any other questions or issues that we can help with.

    Weiyong H.

    High quality office chair

    Definitely the most comfortable office I have ever owned. It has a sturdy build and easy to use.


    Hi Weiyong, thanks for the amazing review and we're glad to hear that you're enjoying your NeueChair.

    Randy C.

    Functional and Sleek Chair

    Looks sleek and feels high quality.

    Randy C. verified customer review of NeueChair™

    We're happy to hear that, Randy! Wishing you many more comfortable years down the road in your NeueChair!